Kubity is a Paris-based software company that designs and develops cloud-based visual communication tools for 3D models. Founded in 2012 by a group of software engineers and an urban projects developer, they united around a simple idea: create a way for anyone, anywhere to simply and intuitively explore 3D models on smartphones and computers.

The One-Click 3D Communication Tool

In 2012, excited by the possibilities presented by new immersive 3D technologies, Hervé Jobbé Duval, a major urban projects developer; Romain Gora, Nicolas Vasseur, Alexandre Checinski, Raphaël Gully, software engineers; and Patrick Terroir, patent attorney, joined forces to develop a tool that allows AEC (architects, engineers, construction) professionals to take 3D SketchUp models and Revit projects from their desktop to any device in a secure format without compromising the original file. 

By the end of 2012, they had formed Kubity — a mix of ubiquity (everywhere, all at once) and qubit (the unit of quantum information).

Armed with the knowledge that designers, architects and 3D engineers use software which produces impossibly large 3D model files; and that salespeople can only dream of possessing tools portable enough to provide an immersive and real-world model experience, the group got to work.

They were convinced that in order to unite architects, sellers and customers around a 3D model, it was essential to develop an interactive platform — supporting multiple desktop and mobile devices, for an instantaneous and fluid 3D navigation. Thus, the idea of ​​a one-click 3D communication tool was born.

With the specifications in place, fifteen engineers were swiftly drafted in to fuse several technologies together: 3D design, data compression, decimation and rendering optimization, web and mobile transfer, including the integration of virtual reality headsets.

  • 2015, a first prototype is tested.
  • 2016, visualization is rolled out to smartphones and tablets; iPhone/iPad and Android.
  • 2017, ‘full immersion’ in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR / VR) is released.

4 years on, €5 million invested into research and development, and several registered patents later, Kubity has become the go-to tool for a new generation of 3D designers.