Today’s clients demand more than simple 2D plans and basic 3D designs. To engage imaginations and sell ideas, the vision must come alive in a way that goes beyond ordinary expectations.

Research shows that video is the best way to grab attention and make concepts fully understood. But photorealistic flythrough videos usually require powerful CPUs for rendering, and lots of training on expensive software. 

Thanks to rvt2skp + ArchiKlip, you get just that. In two simple steps, generate a photorealistic video render that you can easily embed directly to a website or publish on your YouTube channel. 

How does it work? It’s easy:

  1. Simply open up your project in Revit and click on the rvt2skp plugin. This will export your model to SketchUp. 
  2. Once that that is done, you have the option to open it up in ArchiKlip, where you can set scenes and choose a soundscape from the library with our brand new in-app editor. 
  3. Then just export. 🎞  Your download will arrive in your email inbox, ready to be uploaded to YouTube and shared with your channel.

➡️ The process is fully automated. There is nothing to learn and nothing to code.

✨ With our new 3D Suite, you get full access to rvt2skp, ArchiKlip and 2 more tools by SPK Technology. Buy the 3D suite here.