While the human experience has always been the cornerstone of architecture, AEC innovations aren’t always “people-centric”. High barriers to entry, whether that be price or ease-of-use, have kept many in the industry from realizing their full potential. 

These days, communicating, presenting, and sharing 3D have become an industry expectation. Clients expect a high level of detail and immersion in their dream designs making it essential for AEC professionals to virtually share and explore 3D models in ways that are simple and accessible to the average person.  

But without powerful desktop computers for rendering, countless hours of training and an array of pricey gear to make it happen, smaller firms and independent architects are at a disadvantage.

That’s why we’ve dedicated the past 8 years to developing affordable, easy-to-use tools that work on everyday technology you already own—like smartphones, tablets, and the internet. 

You put a lot of hard work into your designs and we want you to be able to experience and share that work in the best and easiest way possible with unlimited access to Kubity, ArchiKlip, rvt2kp and 3D2VR together for just one low price of $99

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What Do I Get?

Kubity: 3D On Any Device 
Bringing together clients, co-workers, and collaborators around interactive 3D models helps everyone involved make better, faster design decisions. Kubity is a simple drag and drop web app that converts SketchUp models to mobile and browser-friendly 3D, then automatically adds Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Screen Mirroring capabilities among a slew of other great features. Each model is assigned a URL and a QR code that can be easily added to plan cover sheets for easy clarification of structure plans to all project stakeholders. 

Augmented Reality with Kubity

While models can be viewed on any browser with an internet connection, the complementary Kubity Go mobile app is the perfect on-the-go team and client solution. It has an easy-to-use interface so anyone can explore 3D models right from the first try and best of all, it’s 100% free to download and to use. Models load lightning fast and are compatible with most browsers, smartphones and tablets without the need for special equipment or training. With too many features to mention, the Kubity free trial is worth its weight.

ArchiKlip: Photorealistic Flythrough Videos
Who needs a powerful (and expensive) CPU for rendering when you’ve got ArchiKlip? This simple drag and drop web app is an all new way to create photorealistic flythrough videos of SketchUp models. It’s powered by Artificial Intelligence so there’s nothing to learn and nothing to code. 

Made from a SketchUp file with ArchiKlip

Simply set up your scenes in SketchUp, drop the model into the ArchiKlip web app and watch the magic unfold. In as little as one hour, you’ve got a high-resolution walkthrough video of your 3D model with realistic textures and a mood-setting ambiance of your choice. 

ArchiKlip showcases edge displays, planimetric views, and sectional views; and is the perfect photorealistic 3D video solution for interior design, architecture, and even large scale urban planning. Try ArchiKlip free to make your own video exports. 

3D2VR: Instant Immersive VR
Many architects are already using VR to create immersive spaces, and many softwares claim to be “easy” and “instant” but 3D2VR is truly the easiest one-click to VR solution on the market today for SketchUp and Revit. This simple plugin takes you from your workspace to the virtual world in literal seconds, and it even works on large and complex models with ease. It’s compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets (and as a little techy aside, has been programmed for low latency and high frame-rates for a more pleasant VR experience). 

3D2VR – 1:1 scale immersive VR for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

It’s the perfect solution to communicate your ideas to clients for real-time design validation and helps you build smarter by resolving feasibility issues before ever breaking ground. This one-click wonder comes with a free trial so you can check out 3D2VR before you buy.  

rvt2kp: One Click Revit to SketchUp Conversion 
Here’s great news for interdisciplinary Revit and SketchUp teams: there’s a quick way to break out into SketchUp without the extra work of cleaning up geometry or adding materials. 

The rvt2skp plugin took a look at this common BIM to CAD problem and solved it. rvt2skp (Revit to SketchUp) does exactly what it says: converting Revit projects to SketchUp models quickly and accurately. With full materials support, minimal triangulation and automatic conversion of ‘3D Views’ to ‘Scenes’ and ‘Families’ as ‘Groups & Layers’, your workday just got a whole lot easier. Try rvt2skp today with your own Revit project. 

SPK Technology is a Paris-based software company specializing in automatic 3D data optimization and visualization. Their technologies pilot this innovative suite of tools for 3D modeling software.
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