After thoughtful consideration, we’ve decided to end support for the Kubity plugin for SketchUp and Revit, and migrate functionality over to a dedicated web app.

Why a Web App?

In an effort to increase accessibility and stay agile for updates, we have prioritized a ‘do it in the cloud’ mindset. In May 2019, we launched the universal account login, which allowed users to access information about licenses and modify models right from a browser. This was the first step towards full web app integration.

Work From Anywhere

We understand that work doesn’t always happen at a desk. While the plugin had its advantages, there was one big limitation: you could only export models with Kubity if you were using the same computer that had SketchUp. Now, with the Kubity web app, you can export models from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you or your company stores SketchUp files on the cloud (for example Dropbox or Google Drive), it’s now easier than ever to simply drag, drop and start exploring with Kubity right away. You no longer need to open the file in SketchUp or be on a specific device.

It’s also a better solution for team collaboration—SketchUp modellers aren’t always the person responsible for managing or distributing models to other project stakeholders. Now, Kubity is SketchUp without SketchUp… all you need is an .skp file and a web browser to be on your way to immersive exploration!

Are you a Revit user? Learn how the switch to web app affects you.

Agile Updates, Better Bug Fixes

Managing plugin updates can be inefficient from both sides. On the developer side, submitted updates don’t happen right away. There’s an approval process that sometimes takes weeks, and this makes us much less reactive than we’d like to be.

Also, users like you need to manage plugin updates on your own which is annoying at best and tricky at worst. Now, you’ve got one less thing to worry about—the new Kubity web app eliminates lag times and updates automatically so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version of Kubity no matter what.

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