We introduced automatic photorealistic rendering as a way to speed up workflows for 3D professionals and give hobby users or smaller agencies with less performant hardware a way to access rendering for their 3D projects.

Kubity sends your models to our own servers for rendering with results streamed back in real-time. So no matter where you poke around inside your model—up, down, left, right, behind that door or under that table—we’ve got you covered with a 360° photorealistic render.

However, if you’re using Kubity as a way to showcase structural elements or the basics of a design, you might prefer to view the model without rendering.

Our latest update allows you to turn on or off rendering as needed in the click of a button on mobile and the web.

Kubity Go on Mobile

Simply click the ‘Settings’ icon ⚙︎ and slide over the toggle. 

Kubity on the Web

With the model open in your browser, click the ‘Photoreal’ button in the upper right to turn rendering on and off.