The history of a nation can often be translated through its architecture. As a means of cultural identity, it is shaped by economic, regional and global realities.

A recent exhibition held in Uruguay and Korea attempts to discover convergent histories by examining contemporary architecture in both countries. As part of an academic cross-cultural exchange between Korea and Uruguay, the Korean Institute of Architects (KIA) extended a formal invitation to the Society of Architects of Uruguay (SAU) as “Guest of Honor” during the international exhibition “100 Architects of the Year 2018” hosted in Jeju, South Korea. After, the exhibition travelled to Uruguay to the National Museum of Visual Arts where it was open to the public from March 12 to 31, 2019.

Museo Nacional de Artes—Montevideo, Uruguay

While Korea and Uruguay are profoundly different countries, they sit at similar geographic latitudes— 33 degrees and 34 degrees—on opposite ends on the Earth. Hence, the name of the exhibition: 33NORTH 34SOUTH, and the number of works chosen to represent each country: 33 for Korea and 34 for Uruguay.

Each of the 34 portraits of recent architecture are from the 21st century. The selection crosses generations, some analog and others digital. And its designers work mainly in small independent studios.

Contemporary Architecture, Future Tools

To add a contemporary approach to an exhibition all about contemporary architecture, the curators employed Virtual Reality (VR) technologies as a way for visitors to immerse themselves in the architecture.

Using VR, it’s easy for people who aren’t familiar with architecture to better understand the buildings and atmosphere.

Ignacio Sambarino, Guest Coordinator, 33N34S

33NORTH 34SOUTH modelled a selection of Uruguayan architecture with Revit, and then exported the models using Kubity. They set up a VR lounge inside the exhibition stocked with Samsung Gear VR headsets with the Kubity Go app pre-installed and models ready to explore.

“The visitors were excited and curious [to experience VR with Kubity]. It’s not that common here in Uruguay to use virtual reality software.”

VR Lounge at 33NORTH 34SOUTH

Using VR with Kubity, the curators were able to create an interactive exhibition and a place where the architectural philosophy of contemporary architects from Uruguay and Korea could be seen and felt.

For more information about 33NORTH 34SOUTH, check them out on Instagram or read the exhibition booklets here and here.

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