When we came up the wild idea to bring 3D models to mobile devices, the technology to make it happen didn’t even exist yet. We had to create it, code it, and launch it. Since then, a lot has changed—and fast.

Create and Destroy

We officially launched our mobile app, Kubity Go, in 2015. As soon as AR/VR software development kits (SDKs) were released by Apple and Google in 2017, we launched our augmented and virtual reality companion apps, Kubity AR and Kubity VR, too.

But these releases were messy. Many users wondered why they needed to download three apps instead of just one. And the reason was simple: we couldn’t integrate AR and VR directly inside Kubity Go because the technology at the time wouldn’t allow it.

We knew we would have to eventually destroy Kubity Go and rebuild it from the ground up. So we did.

After months of hard work coding and recoding, we’re happy to announce the release of the all new Kubity Go with fully-integrated AR/VR for iOS and Android.

Super powerful. Super fast. Your workflow has never been more fun.

Augmented Reality for 1:1 Scale Architecture

Work doesn’t just happen at your desk, or even in the office anymore. That’s why Kubity Go is built for AEC pros on the move. Automatically sync your models to your phone or tablet with the Kubity web app, then take them onsite and wow clients with realistic views of their build both inside and out. In AR, you can check which position is best for views, lighting, and access to the property.

We’ve also updated AR to work better with large-scale architectural models so you can easily see how a design will look, fit, and feel on location.

When AR solutions are as simple and cost-effective as Kubity,  everyone can use augmented reality to bring their projects to life.

VR That Works Like Magic

Instantly view models on Kubity Go in VR, even without a headset, by tapping the VR option from the dropdown menu. You can explore 360º views of the model in ‘Magic Window’, which opens automatically. Although the obvious intent is to immerse yourself in the model with a VR headset—like Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard—you don’t necessarily need one.

Simply move your smartphone around in the air and the screen of your phone acts as a ‘magic window’ into the world of your 3D content. While viewing VR content in a headset will be the richest, most immersive way to consume it, experiencing models in Magic Window gives you and your clients a taste of the space with ease.

Improvements Under the Hood

We’ve made tons of changes you can see, but we’re just as proud of the improvements we’ve made behind the scenes, too.

Kubity Go is now compatible with hundreds of new devices. We’ve also revved up performance so your model library loads faster and made it smoother to move around your 3D.

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